I love, love LOVE big, bold, statement piece earrings, so when this seasons striking and over-the-top trends started flooding in on runways, magazines and my favourite style inspos, I couldn’t have been more excited! Earrings are a simple and easy way to dress up or complete an entire look. Whether small and elegant or or bold and brash, earrings can help you complete an outfit and perfectly portray your own personal style.

White and gold tassel

This season has been all about the oversized, the tassel, the fringe, the jewel, the crucifix, the chandeleir and ranging in colours from bright gems (think topaz, jade, emerald), to warm earthy tones (terracotta, tan, sage) and my current favourite…nudes, neutrals and blush.

Black Jewelled Oversized Crucifix from Lovissa

Statement earrings can be exaggerated with your hair in an updo – style with a sleek middle-part, or sophisticated ponytail, or for a more casual look with your lovely, long locks out and flowing, framing the earrings. Either way, let your grandios earrings do all the talking!

Blush & rose gold tassels

You can absolutely have the confidence to wear these grand and daring earring styles, whether you’re a modest dresser or an unabashed fashionista! For a more subtle style, pair with balancing monochrome or neutral outfits, but don’t be shy, you can dare to be brazen with clashing colours, textures, patterns and a deliberately busy look. Thats what it’s all about!

Oversized, shoulder length, nude tassel

As with any style trend that will be here one season and gone the next, you don’t need to spend a fortune to get this look. I recommend investing in quality, classic, timeless items that will last you for years, but for something like this, costume jewellery will totally suffice and you won’t regret overspending when these conspicuous pieces are no longer the fad. So go and hit up your local Lovisa, Colette, or even Forever New (Forever 21) and Target.

Elegant rose gold filigree

Go ahead and embrace this seasons audacious trend and be confidently BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL!

Nat xxx