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    Holiness Sets Us Free!

    This is a very different message to what I usually write and release, however, since the crossover into this new era at the commencement of 2020, the Lord has been speaking to me in brand new ways that I have never experienced before. As I hear and write these words I feel like it’s a difference voice, a different paradigm, a different message…all good! But definitely different. Before I began releasing any of this ‘new’ I wanted to first wait on God and to submit these revelations to people in my life who have gifts of discernment and who walk powerfully in the prophetic who could tell me whether they…

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    Empowered in Identity

    I love the hashtag and movement in social media “Empowered Women Empower Women.” It’s so wonderful that the world itself is recognising and rectifying the influence that we can have on one another to uplift, strengthen, encourage and inspire. While I embrace this sentiment and have even used it a few times myself, God revealed a much deeper level of significance of this quote to me recently (and not just for us sisters!) – a depth defined only in him and his truths. While there is definitely potency in this phrase as it is being used around the world today, I believe God has a more powerful call for us…

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    Ophelia’s Birth Story

    Let me begin by saying that I LOVE giving birth. I know, I’m crazy! But I really, truly love it and the entire pregnancy feels worthwhile knowing that it’s building towards that amazing moment where I will go into labour and birth my child – meeting them for that first precious encounter where I lift their gooey, floppy body onto my chest and gaze into their tiny newborn eyes as they look around trying to adjust to this foreign world they have been brought into. All the highs and oxytocin vibes! This being my fourth child, I began the pregnancy as excited as always and would lay my head down…

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    Your Story is in Your Struggle

    Our family is currently OBSESSED with the film, The Greatest Showman. The movie is played often and the soundtrack is blasted everyday much to the joy of the little people singing and dancing their hearts out (oh ok…maybe some big people too!). If you haven’t seen this Hugh Jackman film yet…you need to! Not only will it entertain you until you are bursting with joy and inspiration, but it is such a powerful and beautiful celebration of humanity. Personally, I listen to the soundtrack myself everyday…as worship!!! I could easily preach a thousand messages on each song as they are so prophetic and proclaim the message of hope, identity, abundant…