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Divine Destiny

You were planned. You were designed. You were desired. You were intentionally created. You were given a destiny, call, purpose and plan even before you were conceived. I’m not talking about your earthly parents….because chances are some, if not all of these things, may not have been on their agenda. In the beginning of time, before the earth was even created, God desired you. He desired a child of his own, just like you. He had billions and billions of other children in his mind and heart, but there was one specific child who was different from all of the rest. One unique individual who had the personality, temperament, qualities, gifts, skills, talents, passions, desires, heart, likes, dislikes, nuances, idiosyncrasies that he lovingly longed for in a child. It was you. He had a place in his heart that only you could fill. So with these desires in mind, he formed you. He conceptualised you firstly in his heart and mind, from the burning desire he had for this special child, and then he formed that exact desire into you. He knew you would not be born for thousands upon thousands of earthly years yet, but you were there, in his heart, in his mind, at the beginning of time.

His passion for you kept raging.

One day, that desire became a reality in the physical realm. Two cells came together and you were created. You. The you he had yearned for since the beginning of time. The you who remained continually in his heart and in the forefront of his mind since time began. You were finally here! Your spirit and soul had been given an earthly shell. The angels sang for joy at the conception of your life! All of heaven rejoiced that you had entered the world! You were real! You were flesh. You were blood. You were bones. You were you!

You were given a destiny, call, purpose and plan even before you were conceived

You grew and grew as you were deliberately, purposefully and intricately formed in your mother’s womb. He gave you the face that he dreamed of seeing, he gave you the colour eyes and hair that he wanted you to have, he gave you the personality – the soul, spirit, heart and mind – that he longed for the company and affection of, he gave you the body that was completely you. He put passions in your heart, gifts and talents in your body, desires and longings in your soul. He looked at you, in your mother’s womb, at the powerful and purposeful connection of two cells, and he was well pleased. His desire was finally here.

You grew and grew as you defied all odds to be birthed into the earth. You contended with attacks upon your life, whether from people in this world or from the enemy himself. Whether you were wanted or planned by your earthly parents or not, whether your life was attempted to be ended by abortion, miscarriage, sickness, disease, complications, scares, or not, you were here! And you are still here. You have purpose my friend. You a here for a reason. And you are here, not by chance, but by deliberate, intricate and purposeful creation.

You were created.

Not by an earthly male and female, but by the God of the universe. By your very own loving and perfect Father. You were created and you were set into history for such a time as this.

Whether you believe it or not, whether you feel it or not, you were destined to be here now. For such a time as this. Whatever your past, it doesn’t matter, your future is what you have control of now and your present is what you can change…to align yourself with the path that he has created for you, or to continue walking on that path, deeper, further, faster, stronger.

Whatever your past, it doesn’t matter, your future is what you have control of now and your present is what you can change

Align yourself with his will, align yourself with his way, align yourself with his love and you will see the God-designed, God-created, God-ordained you come to life. Align yourself with him and you will see the person he saw in his heart and mind back in the beginning of time. Seek him and you will find yourself. Pursue him and you will discover who you were created to be. Ask him and he will answer.


* * *

“You’ve gone into the future to prepare the way…”

“Wherever I go Your hand will guide me,
Your strength will empower me.”

“You formed my innermost being,
Shaping my delicate inside
And my intricate outside,
And wove them all together in my mother’s womb.”
“You even shaped every bone in my body,
When you created me in the secret place,
Carefully, skilfully shaping me
From nothing to something!
You saw who You created me to be,
Before I became me!
Before I’d even seen the light of day,
The number of days You planned for me,
Were all recorded in Your book.”

“See if there is any path of pain I am walking on,
And lead me back to Your glorious, everlasting ways,
The path that brings me back to You.”
Psalm 139:5,10,13-16,24 (The Passion Translation)

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