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    The Naked Truth

    “I am trying to pour out my new wine to you my child, but you have to let me take control. Control of your life. Control of the hurt and pain of your past. Control of the fear of facing the truth. Fear of what you look like naked, stripped bare of all you have built, exposed for all to see. You need to face yourself naked first. You need to see yourself as intimately you. You need to see what you really look like. Just you. Nothing else. No hiding, no coverings, just you. Then I can clothe you. You don’t need to clothe yourself in the things that…

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    Gracefully Broken

    “I see my beautiful, broken child. A beautiful daughter, son, mother, father, sister, brother, friend – who is striving, working, trying, stressed, pressured, performing, breaking and exhausted. I see my child who cares more about their portrayal than the precious life I have given them. I see the gold, the beauty, the treasures, the gems that I have placed with in them, but they are hidden down way below the surface. Hidden below layers of performance and perfection. Hidden under insecurities. Hidden under feelings of inadequacy and failure.  I see the truth amongst the lies. I see the gold. I see what I’ve placed within. I see the heart that…

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    Weapons of Warfare

    “Don’t rehearse the lies, the doubt, don’t dwell on the disappointment, but fill yourself with my words and my promises. I have already given you everything to empower and equip you with all you need to live victoriously in this life. I have already paid the price and purchased it all for you. The payment is in my blood. The power is in my resurrection. The inheritance is yours for the taking. Take it, my Child. Take it and use it and you will see the walls come crumbling down. You will see the battlefield emptied of the enemy because you are wielding my weapons. My weapons work. My weapons…

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    2019, The Year of FAMILY!

    “I want to tell you how much I love you. I want to tell you that I see you as beautiful and bold. I want you to know how my heart melts for you each time you say my name and draw near to me. I love you. I love you my precious child. I have chosen you, I call you mine, you are so special to me. My favourite! I have so much for you to do with me, we will do it together. You won’t get tired or weary when you follow my lead and partner with me to do what I have called you to do.  It…

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    I am Closest in Your Weakness

    “Expect me to move! Expect me to come in power and deliver you from all that is holding you back! Expect me to protect you and your family. Expect me to fulfil my promises to you! Remove all doubt, disbelief and double-mindedness. My words and promises are true, I have given you my signs and wonders -you are seeing correctly and you are receiving my nudges and winks. I am here. I am moving. I am showing you, revealing myself to you and opening your eyes. I’m trying to get your attention. I am all around you and drawing you to me all day long, even in the everyday, mundane…

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    The Breaking Will Produce the Breakthrough

    “I am doing a NEW THING in you! I am making ALL THINGS NEW! I am coming! Can you not see? Can you not discern this new day around you? As certain as the seasons and as the sun each day and every morning I am making all things new! I am renewing you. I am renewing this house and this home, this family and this life. Do not give up! Do not give in, THE BATTLE IS FIERCE BUT THE VICTORY IS NEAR! You are on the cusp, on the verge, at the tipping point where I’m about to FLOOD IN and pour out heaven all over you –…

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    Ophelia’s Birth Story

    Let me begin by saying that I LOVE giving birth. I know, I’m crazy! But I really, truly love it and the entire pregnancy feels worthwhile knowing that it’s building towards that amazing moment where I will go into labour and birth my child – meeting them for that first precious encounter where I lift their gooey, floppy body onto my chest and gaze into their tiny newborn eyes as they look around trying to adjust to this foreign world they have been brought into. All the highs and oxytocin vibes! This being my fourth child, I began the pregnancy as excited as always and would lay my head down…

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    You Will See the Transformation You Have Been Believing For!

    THE COST OF THE SACRIFICE “I know you will go wherever I send you. I know you will do whatever I have called you to do. I have seen your heart, I have seen your sacrifice, I have seen your faithfulness and obedience. I know you will go. But will you stay? Will you stay in the place I have got you in now? Will you stay, doing what you are doing now? You are willing to sacrifice it all, but what if the sacrifice is actually all of that, and what I am calling you to do now is to remain where you are? There is greater sacrifice in…

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    You Are Going from Fear of Failure to Freedom and Flourishing!

    “Your greatest opportunities will come out of your greatest weaknesses. I will take what you think is failure and turn it into flourishing. I will use your moments of brokenness to mend the hearts of others. Your struggle is not your defeat – it is in the struggle that your greatest victory will arise. I see you in the struggle. I see you in the pain. I see you in the brokenness. That’s when you’re truly abandoned to Me. Turn TO Me, not away from Me. Do not be afraid because you feel like you have failed – don’t reject Me or avoid Me out of shame – it’s in…

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    You are Being Released into Your Destiny!

    “You are on the cusp of the biggest transformation of you life so far, that is going to see you catapulted into your destiny that I have been preparing you for. The battle has been intense because of the magnitude of the breakthrough. This breakthrough changes EVERYTHING, once and for all. It is THE breakthrough and transformation you have been crying out for for years: breakthrough, healing, restoration, INCREASE, PURPOSE, DIRECTION, FREEDOM. You will look back on your life in the years to come and see THIS moment as the transforming moment in your life.