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Taking Stock

With less than two weeks to go before our much desired baby #2 is due to enter the world, I am surprised at how much I am savouring every precious moment with my beautiful 2 year old, Hugo James. It’s easy for me, as a grown adult, to be able to comprehend the impending change that is about to take place with a newborn joining our family, but for him, all he has ever known is just the three of us…and with my husband being the main income earner, mostly the two of us. Of course, we’ve been preparing him as much as possible in every way, but 9 months is a loooooong time for a toddler…and how does he differentiate between ‘We’re having a baby soon!’ and ‘We’re going to the park soon!’?!?!?!

Perhaps he understands more than I realise, or he is picking up on all the vibes, but I am absolutely loving seeing his maternal instincts naturally kick in as I set everything up for the new baby and prepare as much as possible. I’m also cherishing the tender moments between the two of us lately. Maybe it’s simply because I’m more focused on it, but his little heart is blooming with love that manifests itself at random moments all through the day. Whether that’s him grasping my face gently in his two hands, staring me in the eyes while he grits his teeth in anticipation of the almighty passionate kiss he then plants on my lips, or, in the midst of busy and crazy days he just stops whatever he is doing and for no reason at all runs over to me just for a long and deep embrace. He has always been an affectionate little lover, right from the start, but knowing that someone is about to crash our two years and two month bliss (a welcomed crash, of course!) is just making me savour each and every kiss and cuddle and tender touch.


One of my favourite times of the day over the past few months have been taking him in the bath or shower with me, something I don’t normally do but we’ve kind of made a little enjoyable ritual out of it lately. I know I should probably be more conscious of water usage ( ;) ) but some mornings we just stand there for minutes on end – me holding him in the shower as he sits on my now very big belly with his little arms wrapped around my neck and his head laying on my shoulder as the warm water trickles down his tiny back. Or me lying in the bath with him playing around with his toys and watering my belly with his little watering can (maybe that’s why it’s growing so much lately?!) and then placing the washer over the baby before giving it a big kiss and lying on top of it/me for relaxing, underwater cuddles. It’s moments like these where time just stops and all of the rush and stress of life fades away – I can take a moment to relax and soak it all in; to make clear and deliberate memories and take snapshots in my mind that I want to remember in ten, twenty, thirty years; to look back into his big, deep, blue eyes and tell him how much I love him; to simply take joy in him and be thankful for him.


These beautiful moments have also made me stop and take stock of life itself. Up until a few weeks ago our year has been unbelievably busy, full of unexpected changes, added stresses, crazy circumstances and then just the usual business of everyday life. The past month or so has finally felt like all of this has come to a halt and I have been given an opportunity to soak in some peace and rest in Him and get myself in a good headspace before this baby’s arrival. The main catalyst for this realisation has been these moments with Hugo. Perhaps it’s a child’s innocence, but he has shown me that no matter what is going on around us, or in us, or through us, we can have these moments all through the day where we just bask in His presence, rest in His faithfulness and goodness, take joy in Him and give thanks and praise. Beautiful moments of worship and intimacy can happen in the midst of chaos and craziness. In fact, that’s more likely when we’re doing it right – living from the throne room, not coming in and out as we run out of strength and become desperate for replenishing – but practicing His presence everyday, throughout the day, even in the most mundane moments or hectic situations.

Breathe in.
Breathe out.

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