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You are Being Released into Your Destiny!

“You are on the cusp of the biggest transformation of you life so far, that is going to see you catapulted into your destiny that I have been preparing you for. The battle has been intense because of the magnitude of the breakthrough. This breakthrough changes EVERYTHING, once and for all. It is THE breakthrough and transformation you have been crying out for for years: breakthrough, healing, restoration, INCREASE, PURPOSE, DIRECTION, FREEDOM. You will look back on your life in the years to come and see THIS moment as the transforming moment in your life. 

Everything in the past is being left behind. Everything you believe you are that is not in line with my truth, everything people have said about you that is not true, every curse, box, stronghold, chain that has been holding you down for so long – EVERYTHING IS BEING BROKEN. Now is the time. NOW IS YOUR TIME!

The prophecies are true, the promises are real. Everything you have been hearing and feeling for so long ARE coming to pass, now. YOU ARE STEPPING INTO YOUR MOMENT, YOUR PURPOSE, YOUR DESTINY IN ME. You are coming into yourself, your personhood, your royalty, your call, your passion, your purpose. It is all happening NOW.

The battle has been intense because the breakthrough is imminent. It is upon us. It is upon YOU. You have pushed through, you have fought hard, you have been battered and bruised, but you have kept standing. You kept believing. You kept getting back up again after every blow of the enemy’s attack. You kept fighting no matter how hard you were knocked down, you kept trudging forward in faith, in belief, in hope. 

It will ALL be restored. All that was lost, all that was stolen, will all be RESTORED and RECOMPENSED. All you have sacrificed along the way, all you have let go of, will be given back to you – ten fold, pressed down, shaken together and OVERFLOWING!

It is ALL happening, and happening NOW. Every dream, every desire, every word and promise spoken over you that you have been holding onto for all of these years that you have been believing for, battling for, interceding for are ALL coming to pass. The battle has been strong but YOU have been proven STRONGER!

The battle has been strong but YOU have been proven STRONGER!

The enemy shakes in his boots at the sight of your rising! He has done everything he can to keep you down, to hold you back, to hinder you – because he knows your breakthrough, your transformation and your destiny in me is IMMINENT.

Keep believing! Keep pressing in! Keep pushing forward! Because all that is in your heart is coming to pass. Personal transformation by the renewing of your mind and empowerment of my Spirit! Physical healing! Emotional freedom! Relational restoration! Family transformation! Marriage reconciliation! You ARE being healed, you ARE being made whole and right now in this season you ARE being released!

I have a plan and purpose for you and you will NOT be shaken. You will tarry no longer. The chains and strongholds are being broken and you are being set free once and for all, RELEASED into your destiny and call. ONCE AND FOR ALL!

Do not look at yourself the same way. SEE the transformation when you look in the mirror and when you look inwardly. SEE the loving person that you are. SEE the loving, joyful, gentle, peaceful person that I have created in you. I will erase the pain of the past so that you will remember it no longer. I WILL heal your heart and the hearts of those around you that have been broken and damaged.

I will erase the pain of the past so that you will remember it no longer

I WANT to heal. I LOVE to heal. I am calling YOU to heal – to go forth and to release the healing that I have done in you and am doing for you. You will FREELY GIVE what has been freely given to you and you will IMPART what I am imparting to you – healing, revelation, power, authority, identity. All that I am doing in you is not just for you, but for you to RELEASE. My world is aching. They think my Bride is drying up, but I am RAISING UP mighty warriors right now who take my Word as it is and who violently grab hold of every promise, and every truth, every decree that comes out of my mouth, and run with it.

PREACH the good news, because my Word is GOOD! PREACH the healing, the miracles, the supernatural, the prophetic, PREACH MY POWER, PREACH MY AUTHORITY! Preach all that is GOOD, because I AM GOOD!

Preach all that is GOOD, because I AM GOOD

Don’t be afraid of your testimony. Don’t be afraid to declare the goodness I am doing through you, because my world needs to see the GOOD. My Bride needs to remember the GOOD, to believe for the GOOD and to embrace the GOOD. I am setting up my people to be the city on the hill that SHINES MY GOODNESS. I AM A GOOD, GOOD GOD!!! I want the world to see my LOVE, my GRACE and my GOODNESS! 

Do not be afraid of the religious who will tell you otherwise. I will heal you of their words and strongholds. I will set you free of the lies that have been whispering to you in the back of your mind. I will release you from the stronghold of the people who are bound by the religious spirit and I will heal them and release them also. 

I AM COMING IN MIGHT AND POWER!!! I am coming in the GREATEST AUTHORITY THIS WORLD HAS EVER SEEN! YES, you will see the dead raised, limbs grow, cancers fall off, the blind see, the deaf hear, the deformed restructured, the genetic recreated, BEFORE YOUR VERY EYES!!! You have no idea what I have in store for this world! THIS IS A TIME FOR MY GOODNESS! FOR MY GLORY! FOR MY HEALING AND WHOLENESS TO COME!

I will heal your thoughts and release you from their stronghold. I will set you FREE. Free from fear, free from comparison, free from doubt, free to flourish into yourself. I will finish the good work I have started in you. YOU ARE free. Your are free NOW. Your mind is free, your heart is free, 

Remember that you are mine. I created you – you are good and I love you and delight in you. I will fill you and empower you with my spirit and you will go forth and accomplish ALL that I have called you to do. You have not missed out. You will not miss this one – it is yours, all yours. Even though you feel like you haven’t lived up to the call – you have. You have. You have SURPASSED the battle. You HAVE overcome. You ARE strong. You are STILL standing, VICTORIOUS!

You have SURPASSED the battle. You HAVE overcome. You ARE strong. You are STILL standing, VICTORIOUS!

You are mine and I am yours. We have a great love ahead of us – a love to explore deeper, to grow, to strengthen. Take my hand and come with me. Come meet me in the Garden. Meet me in the bridal chamber where we will fellowship and commune. It is here that I will strengthen and renew you. You cannot do this without Me and without our deepening love. Without me, without this, it will crush you at once. But do not fear, the answer is simple. Meet with me. Just make me your priority above everything. You have nothing to fear because you love Me and I’m telling you now, My Friend, My Child, My True Love, that we are only ever going deeper. You will not stumble in this because your love for me is true, deep, passionate. I KNOW you want Me more than anything else. You have shown Me. You have proven it to Me. You have pursued it at all costs and you have remained steadfast, faithful and loyal despite all that has been thrown at you.

I’m telling you now, My Friend, My Child, My True Love, that we are only ever going deeper

Do not despair, for the end is near and the new has come! The breakthrough IS here! You are on the cusp! You are walking THROUGH the threshold. The next few months and year to come will see such a transformation in you that will leave you gobsmacked. Mind blown. 

I am renewing YOU. You WILL flourish! Your LIFE will flourish, your MARRIAGE will flourish! Your FAMILY will flourish! Your PURPOSE and CALL will flourish! All because of Me. Your life, your marriage, your family will be a CITY ON A HILL and My light will shine SO BRIGHTLY because of it. You are bringing Me glory – not for what you are doing, not because you have been faithful through it all, not even because you love Me – but because I LOVE YOU. Because of my GRACE. Because I have CHOSEN you, by my will. Because of MY plan. Because I have SET YOU APART FOR A HOLY CAUSE! For MY cause! MY purpose! MY Kingdom! MY glory! 

You can only love because I FIRST LOVE YOU! I AM Love! This season, this moment, this Kingdom is all about LOVE! I am doing everything BECAUSE I LOVE! I HEAL because I LOVE! I RESTORE because I LOVE! I SAVE because I LOVE! I SET FREE because I LOVE! It is ALL BECAUSE OF LOVE!!! Religion lacks love, but all that I am IS love. I AM love. My Kingdom is love. Heaven is love. The greatest is LOVE! 

The greatest is LOVE!

I am CALLING YOU TO LOVE! Remember My love. It is ALL about my love. All FOR my love. All BECAUSE of my love. I AM LOVE! THIS is the message I am bringing to My world. This is the message your life will deliver. YOU are love, because I am in you, and you are in Me. Go forth in LOVE.”

Hosea 3:5 “…they will come with awe to the Lord and to His GOODNESS in the last days.”

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